Luxury skincare with deep tissue massage & body treatments  

Jennifer Eales Crystal Ball Massage

Jennifer Eales Skincare Clinic is the only urban salon to offer the Terres d’Afrique treatments so popular at luxury bush lodges. The Jennifer Eales Signature Body Treatment involves nearly two hours of sheer indulgence which is guaranteed to revitalize the body and the soul. A full-body massage using warm crystal balls and your choice of Terres d’Afrique aromatic oils will turn your day around. A variety of other body treatments are also available.

Terres D'Afrique

Terres d’Afrique: a sustainable organic treatment range out of africa.

Terres D’ Afrique (TDA) is a sustainably developed organic skincare and body treatment range (certified organic by ECOCERT) that harnesses the potency of Africa’s legendary botanical heritage in a collection of laboratory-crafted formulations. TDA products are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, are not tested on animals and do not contain harmful ingredients. Their ingredients are expertly and sustainably harvested from wild plants and formulated into products that honour their natural potency.

TDA uses only the purest ingredients in organically-certified formulations that nourish and balance the skin. They apply the insights of modern botany and the latest research in skin health science to maximize the effects of these uniquely powerful, uniquely African ingredients.

Many of the ingredients have been used for generations by people who understand them most deeply and inhabit the ecosystems where they naturally grow. TDA honours their remedies and looks to them as teachers and stewards of these natural gifts.

TDA also practices benefit sharing with harvesters and respect for their intellectual property, as well as having a commitment to preserving the biodiversity of ecosystems where they source ingredients.

Jennifer Eales Crystal Ball Massage
A variety of other body treatments are also available.
Jennifer Eales Skin and Body Clinic
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